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Carlsbad Climate Equity Report

By Augustin Dao

When the tide is rising and the air gets hotter, Carlsbad should have done everything it could to counteract the ecological consequences of reckless human civilization. First, I hope to answer the question: “Is Carlsbad doing enough?” by analyzing the actual solutions being put together and whether it is enough to steer us off the warming curve. Then, I hope to change lenses by considering the question: Are we doing it equitably? As we put together these solutions, we have to be cognizant of the disproportionate impacts and contribution to climate change which should frame all climate action.

The Carlsbad Equality Coalition firmly believes that the City of Carlsbad needs to increase the scale, speed, and scope of its climate action with an equitable lens

Full Report

To read the full report: 

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Image by Li-An Lim
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