The Carlsbad Equality Coalition is committed to recruiting passionate individuals with demonstrated experience, passion, empathy, and expertise.

Keyrollos Ibrahim

Keyrollos Ibrahim is a longtime community organizer and activist from Carlsbad, California.  His advocacy has brought him to many flashpoints of civil organizing  including protesting during the Arab Spring and advocating for stateless people along the US Mexico border. Today he is the president and Co-Founder of the Carlsbad Equality Coalition. He is also a member of the North County NAACP and serves on their Legal Redress Committee.  Currently Keyrollos lives In New York City where he is pursuing his JD at Saint John's University School of Law

Max Dana

Maxwell Dana is a business professional with 10 years of finance/accounting experience across private, public, and non-profit sectors. He is passionate about advocating for all disenfranchised groups in the Carlsbad community. 

Aly Vredenburgh
(Vice President)

Aly is a Masters student at University of San Diego, earning her degree in Social Innovation. She has experience working with NGO's including the San Diego Science and Engineering Fair. She is passionate about changing our mental health care system and hopes to create new treatment programs for depression. Further, she is hoping to use her experience and knowledge about mental health to help the homeless communities in Carlsbad get off the streets and receive proper care. 

Maggie Munn
(Initial Founder)

Maggie  and Keyro founded the CEC in the wake of the George Floyd protests. She has the charisma and ability to gather thousands to protest for issues that matter.

Jonathan Chan

Jonathan Chan is a native San Diegan who graduated from UCSD and is currently an analytical chemist at a local pharmaceutical company. Since he was young, his heart has always been to reduce inequality and help the vulnerable in his community. He has presently been focused on caring for the immigrant and unsheltered populations in Tijuana, San Diego and Carlsbad. Through these opportunities, he hopes to build greater understanding, empathy and care by leveraging his privilege for the sake of others around him.

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(Outreach & Social Media)